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Woof! I like letting my feelings out on this, feel free to read it, I don't mind, have a good day! ^';'^
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Mar. 30th, 2010 @ 03:42 am *lick*
I need a new thing of BE foundation, I think I might try the matte version. Since summer is coming up it will be much hotter, and I don't want my foundation all over the place heh. And the curl keeper works ok, I think it weighs down my hair a bit, but I've been really lazy with my hair lately and not setting it properly.
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Mar. 13th, 2010 @ 05:28 pm Girl stuff
So I dyed my hair dark brown again, I used perfect 10 in swift chocolate, I like it, it almost looks black but it's not, it's just really dark. I think I'm gonna try to keep up with dark brown, it's a lot less harsh on my hair and it looks more natural for me. It's funny because I actually have a few highlights in my hair too, but it's only because I don't ever have enough dye product to completely saturate all my hair strands lol. Yay for ghetto highlights. I've been flat ironing my hair a lot, I've just been lazy with keeping my curls nice because it just takes a while for them to dry and I don't like using my diffuser cuz it does dry my hair out a bit. I still haven't gotten to play around with curl keeper, I'm thinking about trying it tonight, I really want to see if it works well, and it's a very simple product too.

I also bought the new tresemme natural moisture conditioner. It's actually silicone free :D it's definitely hard to find silicone free drugstore stuff and I really do like tresemme's other conditioner with the vitamin E, that one is good but it does have cones. I haven't tried it yet, but Matt used some of it and he liked it. I really want to get him another bottle of l'anza leave in, I think the protiens in it treated his hair extremely well. His hair was baby soft when I first met him, I was shocked lol. I definitely see the difference now that he's run out of it lol, maybe I'll let him experiment with some of my other hair products. I need to buy more mousse too, I'm about out of the herbal essences, I'm wondering if I should get the l'oreal one instead this time. But I'm hoping I won't need it if curl keeper does well on it's own. And I am also curious about their tweek product too.

I also went and got the pond's daily exfoliating cleanser. The grains in it are very small and pretty gentle, and not too grainy like st ives apricot scrub, but not too gentle like most scrubs with the little beads. I was reading the makeup and beauty blog, the one with vanessa and her cat lol, and I read about her entry about AHAs and BHAs, and I think BHAs are what I need. So been using the 3 in 1 treatment again. It definitely helps with blackheads and clogged pores, and my skin looks a lot smoother from using both of them. I think I end up breaking out from laziness because if I use the 3 in 1 in the middle of the day it helps a lot. I usually swipe my face with a cotton pad and some water before that. I'm gonna try to cut out bp when I can, I keep reading that it's really bad for your skin and whatnot. I think the problem with my skin is that I need to exfoliate better, and keep junk out of my skin. I always forget about the 3 in 1 treatment for some reason, it always keeps my skin really smooth and gets rid of a lot of blackheads and clogged pores. I might end up just buying a bunch on amazon if they have a good price or something. Curse my finicky skin!

I bought sally hansen's lip plumper. It's a cute tube, and it's a brush applicator and I like it a lot. It doesn't sting at all and the color is pinkish nude and it's sheer with a little bit of shimmer. Yay no more chapped lips :) Also, I'm running out of eyeshadow primer T_T I just read that the victoria's secret one is very good, maybe I'll get a tube of that. Primer is a must for me, especially with how much eyeshadow I put on my eyelids lol. I've been doing the gray smokey eye look a lot at night, I'm actually running out of the nyx eyeshadow in titanium cuz that's what I use for it lol. I'm really hope I can find another gray/charcoal eyeshadow that's as good as nyx's. I might just spend the money and find one at macy's lol. I just end up wearing gray a lot because it looks good with my eyecolor and it looks sexy haha. I also need more false lashes. I really do love how I look with them despite how uncomfortable they can get. Beauty is sacrifice sadly, but I'll usually only wear them if I know pictures will be taken. I really can't wait to get new foundation too. Studio sculpt is nice, I'm not exactly sure if it clogs pores because I'll go a week without using it and my skin still has clogged pores. I do like it because the coverage is excellent and it's super easy to use because of the gel like consistency, but it's does feel somewhat heavy on my skin sometimes. It really is one of the better foundations out there, especially for lazy people like me, and it does leave my skin very soft after I take it off I'm always very impressed with how my skin feels after I take I wash my face after wearing studio sculpt. I don't think it aggravates my break outs either because I'll use studio sculpt to cover them up and the next day my breakouts don't get worse, sometimes it seems like it's possibly getting better lol. I still really want to try shu uemura's face architect, it's got really good reviews on makeupalley and I remember trying shu's water perfect foundation and it was REALLY nice but it's discontinued, and face architect is the successor.

I want to shop in carmel so badly again, I think the next paycheck I'll go on a mission to get a bottle of lush body wash and possibly check out the shu counter in wilkes bashford and see what's at the cos bar. Although I'd rather waste my money on forever 21 clothes, I really need to try to save up. I need to concentrate on needs instead of impulse purchases. I couldn't help but buy a bottle of wine from world market because it was shaped like a kitty. I just wanted the bottle lol.

Vanessa's blog entry about aha and bha
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Oct. 6th, 2009 @ 08:10 pm *lick*
Soooo... I bought a few things for my now CLEAN bathroom. Went to sally's and got beyond the zone power lift and tried it today, it actually works haha! I got some china glaze nail polish in a teal color which I want to put on tonight. Bought a new hair dryer that has a diffuser attachment, which I really need because my current one doesn't fit into universal diffusers :( it's a rusk hair dryer from marshalls which was a bit pricey at 60 but the original price was like 130 so I'm hoping it will treat my hair well and last for a while. Got another hip eyeshadow duo in a dark and lighter shimmery purple. Oh I did get the monistat anti chafe stuff, it really does feel like a good primer, I'm not sure how well it works but I'll find out soon when I go out next time but so far it didn't give me a bad reaction and it was about 5 bucks I think. Also got a fast drying top coat from inm? It sez on the bottle it's #1 I hope it works lol. Oh I got the tousle me softly mousse, the little can is really cute looking actually, I'll find out how it works Thursday morning. Along with the rusk hair dryer, it's also pretty small and light weight which is nice :)

I'm so happy about matt, he's seriously one of those really nice sweet guys that doesn't care for showing off or boasting about things, it's a nice refreshing change. Also I think it's really sweet that we've waited a month since we met to sleep together, and the fact he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet, I'm not worried about any of those things at all because of how he talks to me and wants to see me :) And he says I'm rad LOL.
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Sep. 30th, 2009 @ 12:18 pm *lick*

Primer??? Apparently this is really popular as a face primer, and cheap. Have you ever heard of people using this though?

I've also been seeing this guy who lives in Salinas... He's super sweet and he's nerdy as hell but I really like him! Sadly I don't get to see him a lot because his work requires him to come in at 2am till 11am :( so he spends the day sleeping. /fail

Soooooo... Tired...... It's never good to stay out late and drink while you are sick :(
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Aug. 7th, 2009 @ 02:51 pm Being single...
Current Mood: blahblah
...kind of sucks. I do miss Michael a lot sometimes, but I know that we were together again I would end up going back to feeling chained up and more depressed. I'm happy I get to do whatever I want now and not feel like I'm disappointing anyone. Right now I'm mostly sad because of the fact me and Michael had a huge fight the other night, to the point where we almost hate each other. I guess that's how it was to be if he wants to not miss me so much, because I had to do the same thing awhile back with Tim. I hope we'll still be able to be friends at least, and I don't want any misfortune for him. Since I've been talking to Tim a little now Michael thinks I want to get back with him or something, which I don't because I am completely over him, but I would like to stay in touch with him because he was sort of in my life for 2 years. It's sad that my feelings for Michael are fading because of how much he tries to protect me and tell me what to do even if we're not together anymore. I'm hoping that I'll get back to normal sooner than later, the one thing that's been occupying my mind is WoW, but I need to not get so sucked into it sometimes lol.

Oh, I've stopped washing my hair with shampoo, sounds kinda icky but it's not as bad for me I think. I've been using the tea tree conditioner from giovanni to wash my hair and 3 minute miracle to condition since my hair is really dry right now. And since I know conditioner doesn't wash out styling products I am using the giovanni leave in since it's made out of lots of good stuff. My hair is a lot less frizzy now, and it does feel a bit softer. I'm wondering if I should bleach my roots again or just use the chiffon beige on it... Maybe bleach, because I like the fluffiness of my hair when it's bleached aka damaged lol, it feels lighter imo. I also need to cut off all my split ends, it's getting really bad, and I'm actually debating whether or not I should change my haircut to like an asian mullet type style.

I bought 2 BE blushes and a lipgloss yesterday :D I got aubergine (i think), and fruit cocktail, both look nice on my skin. And I got a buxom lipgloss in amber, I totally love the buxom lipglosses <3
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May. 7th, 2009 @ 03:28 pm *lick*
Current Mood: tiredtired
Been playing a lot of xbox lately... mostly halo and gears, right now I'm playing co-op campaign with michael and it's been really fun. I actually met this 13 year old lesbian on halo, she's pretty fun to talk to but she can get a little noisy, she gave me her myspace, omg she's a baby! She looks so young... but she doesn't sound like she's 13, she seriously sounds like she could be my age lol. Oh she's actually really good at halo too, she's usually getting the most kills or mvp, and she sure knows how to drive a warthog lol.

I need to borrow force unleashed again from someone, probably marcus. I really want to try the new downloadable content for it, and plus I've got no achievements from it cuz I finished the game on Erik's xbox. Marcus has the cutest little chihuahua puppy! Her name is Katie, and she's about 4 months old, she kind of resembles a cow actually because she has 2 black spots on her back and she's white. Marcus works at the spca now so that's where he got her. The last home she was in wasn't good, they left her outside and didn't pay much attention to her so when she's inside she gets really nervous. She's getting better though, when I have her play with dodo she gets really excited and tries to play with him and steal his fetch ball. Oh and I taught her how to shake!

I used one of those biore nose strips on Michael again the other night, it pulled out so many blackheads! The only thing that will make my nose look extremely clear is the queen helene mint mask after a shower, but I forgot where I got my tube, and I couldn't find it at the seaside target :/ Since my bio oil has been pretty good to my skin I decided to look up mineral oil on google. The beautybrains blog has a myth thing about mineral oil, and she says that it's not as bad as it seems. Cosmetic mineral oil is highly purified and is regulated by the fda on it's purity. And also it doesn't clog pores, which I saw before in an ingredient site that shows which ingredients in skincare products cause clogging or aggravates skin, and it said mineral oil didn't do either. So I guess it's not bad for the skin, even though it is a petroleum by-product :P I'd rather not use it but it's been doing well on my skin :)

Hey Sarah, is that trader joes tea tree soap in liquid or bar form? Just wondering because I might get it.

I need to go to an asian grocery store soon, I need more unagi and pork sung. Since we've been staying home to eat most of the time now I've been making very simple dinners, mostly with rice lol. Our last dinner was white rice and our last unagi, and the night before teriyaki chicken and rice. Well there is hamburger helper but it costs a little more, and rice is filling and cheap as shit. I don't know what else I can eat with rice really. Maybe beans lol, we've been liking the trader joes refried beans a lot.
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Apr. 30th, 2009 @ 03:32 pm *lick*
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Ok Sarah, I really do recommend bio oil, it may feel a bit greasy at first but after a few days it will sink in faster, and it's really helped my acne scars fade and my pores seem clearer too. Also the double extend mascara, it is a little bit of a pain to take off but no other mascara gives me this kind of length. I think I may buy the acne.org 16oz bottle of bp too, I use up the little tubes way too fast. I've changed my daily routine a little, in the morning, I wash my face with just water and use a drop of tea tree oil and pore refining toner then use the jason tea tree gel as moisturizer. Here's a link to the tea tree gel. I find it really calms my face and de-puffs very well. Oh, go to eyeko.com sarah, have you ever heard of this brand?

Maybe I can come over and see your hair? I'm really curious to see how it looks :)

Angela! We need to play halo 3 together, I'm not that good either, we can be noobs together!

Michael keeps getting really jealous when I play halo by myself and the fact everytime I speak into the mic friend requests pop up from other players. It's not like I'm actually accepting them all, I only accept the ones that are from people who are nice and cooperative and play well. Michael insists I make sure they know I have a boyfriend, and I honestly hate that I cannot be treated as an equal player, who cares if I'm a chick? I just want to be able to play normally and not have Michael constantly harass me about talking to other players during gameplay. I do admit it feels nice that people are sending me requests and being nice to me because I'm a chick, but I want to also be treated like a teammate. And I am going to change my gamertag because a lot of people have been giving me shit for having a gamertag Mimibeastiality, and I will change it to stiletto ninja, or stiletto ninja mimi, I'm not sure, but it's a lot more normal than having some sexual fetish added at the end lol.

Also, my ex from way back when is in town, Ryan Jones, remember that guy kathy was talking about? Yeah him lol. When we split long ago, I didn't want to see him at all or have anything to do with him, but I learned from Tim that being civil with past relationships is the right thing to do, and shows your maturity, and eventually I did see Ryan again after I was going out with Michael, I just wanted to say hi and catch up, but I told Michael he was in town and Michael was a bit sore about the subject, and I don't think I could bring myself to ask Michael to meet him, I would probably get a very bad reaction... Michael seems to hate most guys who know me :/ it sucks! I want to be able to stay friends with past boyfriends, it doesn't mean I'm going to cheat! I mean, we're not in high school anymore, we're supposed to be mature enough to get over the past aren't we? I see a lot of people who are able to stay friends with their exes, and it makes me jealous because my relationship isn't secure enough to do that yet... what is it going to take? I honestly don't mind meeting Michael's exes, I've already met 2 of them, and I'm completely fine with it, but Michael will not allow me to see or talk to either of mine. And I've only had 2! He's had like 8 or 9...

I'll shut up now...
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Apr. 2nd, 2009 @ 10:03 pm *lick*
So yeah, I used the golden bleach on my hair yesterday, Michael helped of course, and I did my eyebrows XD which sort of made them disappear almost :/ it looked pretty damn bad when I took the bleach off, but I had some of that john frieda color glazes, and I put some of that on and it sure did help a lot, it gave my eyebrows a bit of brown tint, so they were actually visible lol. But it sure did burn the skin around my brows, which thankfully I am able to cover up with makeup. I hope they heal fast. Anyways, my hair came out pretty nice and light, I actually might just want to keep it like this lol, it sort of looks gold, but a bit more yellow-y. I dunno, it feels like this color is pretty good for me, it's bright, and I like bright stuff :D

Today I went to Carmel with my mom, we went to the cos bar because she wants to start using foundation(she never wears it!). The girl there recommended la bella donna's mineral makeup, because my mom doesn't like anything too heavy, and it looked really nice on her, and she used some sisley face mist which was great for putting over makeup, but we asked how much it was and omg it cost $95 for this tiny ass spray bottle lol. Yeah that was pretty insane. She let my mom try some amorepacific tinted moisturizer too, which I thought was pretty good but my mom liked la bella donna's makeup and just got that. It cost $50 x_x but I guess it's worth it sort of because it's triple milled or something. We went to Coach after that, and I got a b-day present from there lol, a cute pink legacy bag, and a turqoise clutch, both at a much better deal than original :D

We went to the mac counter at macy's after(we're ridiculous shoppers sometimes...) because I wanted to show my mom the new prep+prime stuff that came out, and one of them was a wrinkle filler which I had recently read reviews on and it looks like it would work well for my mom. It did make the wrinkles on hands a lot softer, so I got that for my mom. I had to try the new sugarsweet collection lipstick too, it was called saint germain I think, and it looks so cute, it's a very light pale pink, and the sales lady couldn't find anymore of it and I was so crushed, but she looked in the holding drawer and found one for me, I was happy but I asked if it was ok to take someone else's lipstick they put on hold, but she said that it had been there for a week and didn't get picked up, and they are only supposed to hold for 24 hours. W00t! Before that I asked the lady to put some studio sculpt on me, it's a dewy/satin finish, and I had her put in on half my face. My mom really liked it on me, I did too, so I think I found my liquid. Went to clinique counter because my mom wanted to see one of the serums, and she got that. Well I did cuz I have the macy's card. I really wanted to try that redness powder they have but they ran out :(

Michael was in gamestop and kept picking on me on how long I took with my mom. He's playing Dark age of camelot again, but this time it's a free server at least lol, him and my brother's friend frank are on the same server, and pwaffle from gamestop might get on. I swear, mmos are like drugs, I really do miss wow but I know I need to concentrate on work and not be distracted by an mmo. I think later on when I have more time and maybe control I'll play again. Just for now I'll stick to regular internetting and other games. Like halo lol. I can't wait for the new kotor mmo, I really hope it's gonna be good like swg, but I don't think any mmo can compare to swg's system back when it first came out, it was such a good game and it was great because of the social aspect, and the drama lol. I hope kotor will be more for role players but still have a great pvp system, and no level shit, I hate how everything is about levels. And the fact most mmos will not allow you to equip something that isn't your class, such bs. With swg you could start out and use anything in the game almost, but of course it wouldn't do as much damage unless you skilled up in the weapon. I mean a doctor/dancer could wear the heaviest armor in the game and wield a rifle, and it really comes in handy if there is a random aggro critter outside their house. Ok I'll stop with the swg ranting, I can go on forever I swear.

I'm so glad our new store is open now, and it looks great :D we still need to clean up some things and get inspected by the fire dept. to make sure nothing hazardous is in our store. The credit card machine works now, but the internet isn't working for now, I hope we get that up soon, I don't have too many movies to watch. Well I do have some anime lol.

I am so happy we have forever 21 :) I really want that tulle ballet skirt.
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Mar. 26th, 2009 @ 04:56 pm Palty colors

Ok, this is the current color chart on the dariya website, and I have MILK TEA(#10) and ICHIGO MACAROON(#15), I'm thinking once I do the hard gold bleach I'll use milk tea and incase it doesn't look nice I can use ichigo macaroon to cover it because it's dark. I'm also curious to see how I'd look with an ashy-er hair color. Everytime my hair has been lightened, it's always warm and a little brassy, I'm hoping I'd look cute with a lighter ashy color, it would be a nice change.

The next one I'd like to try is maple donuts XD
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Mar. 22nd, 2009 @ 02:09 pm *lick*
Current Location: Carmel, CA
So... last night at the mucky duck me and Michael got to skip the 2 waiting lines and got in the back door :D Apparently one of the bouncers, which we found out was one of the managers, saw us walking to the line and he steps out and asks us to come over and talk to him. Both of us are a little freaked because we weren't sure what we did wrong lol, I actually thought he caught on to us never paying a dime on drinks in there, but instead he said, "I see you two come here all the time and you look like you guys are always having a good time and you don't cause any trouble." Me and Michael are like "Hm?" and then he says, "Come with me, I'll take you guys into the back door." Sweet! We were so happy, and thankful of course, because you have no idea how long we've had to wait in those lines if we don't get there by 10.

When we left, we made sure to say goodbye, and Michael offered if he ever wanted pottery barn furniture to ask him for his 40% discount but he was like "No don't worry about it." and then he gave us his business card and told us if we wanted in to just call him or text 20min beforehand. XD we felt very special lol, and I have to make sure to suck up to him every time we go there and give him hugs lol. Besides that, there were $1 beers and jello shots and a beer chug comp for $50 prize, and free cheap ass shot glasses. Then it rained.

Last night, I was also wearing a shu uemura foundation, at wilkes bashford in carmel the sales lady gave me a little sample in a bottle of it so I could try it for a few days. I liked how it was light, I didn't feel it on me, and it looked very natural. It doesn't give full coverage, which I sort of want because I'm planning to use it for going out, or mixing with moisturizer. BE foundation is actually drying out my skin a bit, which I didn't think could happen to me... it's not all over dryness, just the top of my forehead, around my eyes, top of my cheeks and the sides of my mouth, and it's really been bugging me :/ The sales lady at wilkes also told me they are going to stop carrying the water perfect liquid and they are getting a different liquid, which I'm thinking is face architect, and I hear that one is a better coverage, so I hope I get to try that one as well. I also want to try prescriptives virtual skin liquid, it has good reviews and it's priced a bit better. But I might want to get a shiseido liquid because when I was using their sun prot foundation I liked how it looked on me and my skin looked really nice in pictures, but it was a bit heavy. I'll still use BE foundation for when my skin does get oily, and for setting liquid.

My mom bought me the MAC lavender whip lipstick :D I really like it, it's fun and different, and I actually like how it looks on my when I wear a little bit of eye makeup, and it also makes me look a bit tanner lol. Since everyone else on the internet is buying it I figure it must be good lol, and it is! Yay purple lips. Since I didn't get the matching lipgloss(I got the pink one instead), I found my stila lip glaze in fig, which is a pale pink and looks great with the lavender whip :D so yay I do have a lip gloss to go with it lol. My mom thinks I'm strange for wearing such odd lipstick color.

It kind of washes my face out in this pic, it looks a little more vibrant irl i think.

Picture is a we bit big... sry.

EDIT: I also bleached my hair with Palty golden blonde bleach, and it sure works fast... and there wasn't enough to cover all my roots so one side of my head has lighter roots than the other XD I ordered more off ebay, so currently right now I have the milk tea color, and I'm getting 3 more golden blonde bleach and I got one of their new colors called "ichigo macaroon" which is a really cute reddish brown color. I'd rather do home coloring because it's a whole lot cheaper :D
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